Positive thoughts……..

So I’m all for positive thinking and making the best of any situation that may arise, but last week really did test me.

My husband had been back in work for 3 weeks after a year off and we were so excited about it, but I started to see the same signs as before and tried not freak out……. I failed so after a desperate phone call to a friend and some choice words from her, I really tried to put my positive pants on. Unfortunately my concerns were right and my husband is no longer working. I know he doesn’t want this and he cant help it, but to say I’m stressed about the whole thing is an understatement. Along with this I also had some unfortunate things going on at work that layered onto the delightful week.

The problem with me is I’m an all nothing kind of girl with a streak of control freak chucked in for good measure, so when things like this happen I have to control the situation to through it but it does mean I do turn to food as my comfort and stop caring about my own self. This then meant that I was freaking out for the whole week about what my slimming world results would be on the Monday.  Vicious circle right.

The other thing about me is I’m very logical and generally this will out way my emotional side (most of the time) so for me I was excited when Sunday came as this is the beginning of a new week which means it’s a fresh start. I got through last week and was ready to enjoy my week of work. I was due to work Monday and then on annual leave and ready for all the catch ups with family and friends. Life doesn’t always go to plan so on Monday I had to deal with one of the hardest situations I’ve come across. I truly believe that everything I have to do will make me a better person, so although it was challenging this will have made me better in some way, that isn’t to say that it didn’t wear me down which meant I was grumpy for the whole day.

On Monday’s I go to slimming world and usually I look forward to this but OMG did I want to just hide away in the bath for the evening, but I was a good “slimming worlder” and got my bum on my bike to get weighed. It really wasn’t that bad as I maintained and I got to see my lovely group. I now have a heavy task on maintaining again this week which will be difficult, as I said earlier I’m a huge comfort eater and when this is teamed will having the week off to see family and friends the outcome probably wont be good.

I am very excited though as I will be going out at the weekend with my high school friends for an evening of prosecco, cocktails and dancing. I’m all about a good Beyoncé bum shake and a gallon of porn star martini’s so Saturday can’t come quick enough.

My plan for the next couple of days is get my hair sorted, my greys are like little shimmering stars that are trying to show the world (I honestly thought greys happened after you got to your 30’s) find an outfit that make me feel like i got my sh*t together and to chill out. Positive Wednesday has begun and I’m ready for what the rest of the week has in store for me.

FYI if any of the people of Norwich see’s some crazy dancing, cocktail loving curvy girl, that will be me so…… you’re welcome.

Thank you for reading the rambles of my life and lets all have an amazing week

Curves, Curls and life



A big hello

Hello and welcome to my space.

My name is Carrie, I’m an almost 30-year-old living in Cambridgeshire with my husband of almost 2 years and my diva of a cat. I will be using this blog to talk about all things in my world ranging from married life, my relationship with food, all things slimming world, finding a happy balance with work and my love of fashion.

This is the first time I’ve ever thought of doing a blog so please bear with me while I get to grips with it. I’m not naturally a writer of any kind  (one of those people who can’t text and talk at the same time)

It’s very strange as I have always been someone who cares what others think of her, be it in weight, I was always very curvy as a teenager but it was at a time when curves weren’t in fashion so being a size 12 with G cup boobs was not the norm. I will say, that is one thing that Kim K has done for females which is making curves cool.

So yeah I have always been so focused on making sure I pleased other people, that I look nice, that I’m not too fat, that I have done everything the traditional way, but it really hasn’t gotten me very far! so now i’m trying a whole new outlook where I embrace what I have and try not care what others think about me. Easier said than done right….

I am in a much more comfortable place in terms of my body, I love my hourglass shape, large bum and H cup boobs – they make me, me and they suit me. I recently got back from holiday where I wore a different bikini each day and I have never felt so confident even with a bloated belly (cocktail life) and love handles.

This blog will be raw at times as I’m still not sure how much I am willing to share as there is a lot going on in day-to-day life but I do want this to be a way for me to breath away the stress i’m feeling.

I promise it will be filled with fun as well as I am all about that life! I would love for you to follow me on this journey and read the strange rants of a 29-year-old porn star martini loving women who loves to laugh

Curves, Curls and Life