Hello and welcome to my space.

My name is Carrie, I’m an almost 30-year-old living in Cambridgeshire with my husband of almost 2 years and my diva of a cat. I will be using this blog to talk about all things in my world ranging from married life, my relationship with food, all things slimming world, finding a happy balance with work and my love of fashion.

This is the first time I’ve ever thought of doing a blog so please bear with me while I get to grips with it. I’m not naturally a writer of any kind  (one of those people who can’t text and talk at the same time)

It’s very strange as I have always been someone who cares what others think of her, be it in weight, I was always very curvy as a teenager but it was at a time when curves weren’t in fashion so being a size 12 with G cup boobs was not the norm. I will say, that is one thing that Kim K has done for females which is making curves cool.

So yeah I have always been so focused on making sure I pleased other people, that I look nice, that I’m not too fat, that I have done everything the traditional way, but it really hasn’t gotten me very far! so now i’m trying a whole new outlook where I embrace what I have and try not care what others think about me. Easier said than done right….

I am in a much more comfortable place in terms of my body, I love my hourglass shape, large bum and H cup boobs – they make me, me and they suit me. I recently got back from holiday where I wore a different bikini each day and I have never felt so confident even with a bloated belly (cocktail life) and love handles.

This blog will be raw at times as I’m still not sure how much I am willing to share as there is a lot going on in day-to-day life but I do want this to be a way for me to breath away the stress i’m feeling.

I promise it will be filled with fun as well as I am all about that life! I would love for you to follow me on this journey and read the strange rants of a 29-year-old porn star martini loving women who loves to laugh

Curves, Curls and Life




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